The UK is the worlds leading society in the adoption and application of digital technologies and the Institute responds to the need for skills, innovation and thought leadership, as our digital society develops.

Ci embraces technological change and societal development and through carefully structured programmes we are working towards an inclusive society, where all people are actively engaged as digital citizens.

The digital world, a little over 25 years old, stems from the invention of the World Wide Web by Tim Berners-Lee in 1989. It took over 1,000 years for the analogue society to evolve, through rules, ethics and morality towards a set of cultural norms and Ci focuses on how these policies, laws, regulations and the trust that binds society together, can be applied and or adapted into the new digital society.

As a not for profit charity, Ci works to connect existing and new capabilities and to build capacities for understanding and delivery.

Ci announced as partner in major new NHS Testbed for West of England