Ci was formed in 2013 to explore the opportunities and benefits of the digital society, both social and economic, with particular focus on shaping a future where individuals realise their full potential as part of a highly connected world.

The digital world, a little over 25 years old, stems from the invention of the World Wide Web by Tim Berners-Lee in 1989. It took over 1,000 years for the analogue society to evolve, through rules, ethics and morality towards a set of cultural norms and Ci focuses on how these policies, laws, regulations and the trust that binds society together, can be applied or adapted for our digital society.

Ci works to connect existing and new capabilities and to build capacities for understanding and delivery.

Our four key areas of work are:

Promoting digital skills and education – in support of the UK skills agenda equipping government, enterprise, excluded groups and the next generation with digital skills and education.

Driving research and thought leadership – bringing together leaders and specialists across sectors to design the future we want and amplifying their ideas and actions for a wider audience and for societal gain.

Powering enterprise – ensuring SMEs and innovators can grow and thrive using all digital has to offer and that their services are trusted, with citizen consent at the core of their product design.

Realising digital communities – connecting communities that are healthy, economically enhanced and civically engaged.

Our values are to work openly and collaboratively and to make a sustainable contribution to the economy for both national and commonwealth public good.

We do this by imagineering, co-developing and sponsoring services for citizens and government where trust, ethics and informed consent come first.